At last you can learn french online - Even If You've Never Taken A Single French Language Class In Your Life!

  1. Instant Access

    As soon as you sign up for French101, your membership is instantly activated. Just sign in and get started.
  2. 1000's of French words to learn

    Get access to 1000's of French words that will help you improve your French vocab in no time.
  3. Easy to Use System

    Very easy to access and user-friendly web based GUI provides users with functionality they need to learn the French language easily.
  4. Learn French anytime you want!

    You can log onto the system whenever it is convenient for you, at any time, day or night. You don’t have to be online at a set time of day.
  5. Unlimited practice at no extra cost!

    The practice section ensures that you retain what you study and build confidence in your knowledge.
  6. Access the site using your mobile device.

    Access the site using your mobile device so the you can study French while on the go.
  7. Download the materials

    You can download the materials in PDF and MP3 format and take them offline.
  8. Everything you Need in One Place

    Forget about scouring the web for French resources – it’s all included.
  9. SMS/Text Alerts

    Get SMS/Text Alerts to your mobile phone for Free!
  10. Personalized E-mail alerts

    Get personalized E-mail alerts delivered to your inbox.
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Nick Collins, Maine USA

My fiancé has family from France and they do not know any English what so ever. I've always thought that this was going to be a Read More...

Anna Parsons, Kentucky USA

As a mother homeschooling my 4 year old son, sometimes it can be very hard to find appropriate learning materials that really engage him- new languages in particular. I can tell you Read More...

Mary Walker, Dixon USA

As an instructor, I was skeptical about learning a foreign language online. However, after watching the tutorial and using the site, I must admit Read More...

Luann Wilburn, North Carolina, USA