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Accommodations Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play complet no vacancy kongplay
2 Play etudiez study ayewdeeay
3 Play l'abri shelter lahbree
4 Play l'appartement appartment lahpahrtahnuh
5 Play l'ascenseur the elevator lahsahnsuhr
6 Play l'auberge inn lobuhrg
7 Play l'entrée entrance lahntré
8 Play l'escalier stairway luhsahleeay
9 Play la cantine dining hall lah kahntanuh
10 Play la demeure residence lah dahnuhr
11 Play le logement lodging l logahnuh
12 Play le patio patio l pahteeo
13 Play le premier étage 2nd floor (US) l prahneeay étahg
14 Play le rez-de-chaussée 1st floor (US) l ray d shossé
15 Play le studio studio flat/studio l stewdeeo
16 Play lectrique electric luhktreek
17 Play les escaliers stairs l zuhsahleeuhrs
18 Play les W.C. bathroom luhs wk
19 Play un abri shelter an ahbree
20 Play un gîte shelter an gît
22 Play un hôtel hotel an ôtuhl

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