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Animals And Insects Words in French

Animals And Insects
# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play bec beak buhk
3 Play l'abeille bee lahbuheey
4 Play l'agneau lamb lahnyo
5 Play l'animal animal lahnanahl
6 Play l'oie goose lwah
7 Play l'oiseau bird lwahzo
8 Play la bestiole bug lah buhsteeol
9 Play la bourrique donkey lah boorreek
10 Play la brebis ewe lah bruhbees
11 Play la chatte cat (female) lah shaht
12 Play la chienne dog (female) lah shyannuh
13 Play la chouette owl lah shooayt
14 Play la fourmi ant lah foormee
15 Play la fourrière dog pound lah foorreeèr
16 Play la mouche fly (insect) lah moosh
17 Play la moule mussel lah mool
18 Play la poule hen lah pool
19 Play la puce flea lah pews
20 Play la souris mouse lah soorees
21 Play la tigresse tiger lah teegruhss
22 Play la vache cow lah vahsh
23 Play le bouc billy goat l book
24 Play le canard duck l kahnahrd
25 Play le chat cat l shah
26 Play le cheval horse l shuhvahl
27 Play le chien dog l shyan
28 Play le cochon pig l koshong
29 Play le crapaud toad l krahpod
30 Play le lapin rabbit l lahpan
31 Play le loup wolf l loop
32 Play le mouton sheep l mootong
33 Play le papillon butterfly l pahpeeyong
34 Play le pou lice l poo
35 Play le renard fox l rahnahrd
36 Play le serpent snake l suhrpuh
37 Play le tigre male tiger l teegr
38 Play un banc bench an bahnk
42 Play un chiot puppy an sheeot
44 Play un essaim swarm an uhssem
47 Play une bestiole bug ewnuh buhsteeol
48 Play une bête animal ewnuh bêt
50 Play une chouette owl ewnuh shooayt
51 Play une coquille shell ewnuh kokeey

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