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Baby Talk Words in French

Baby Talk
# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play des joujoux toys duhs joojoos
2 Play faire sisite to sit fer seezeet
3 Play la mammy granny lah mahmee
4 Play la mémé granny lah mémé
5 Play la menotte hand lah mahnot
6 Play la papatte leg lah pahpaht
7 Play la quenotte tooth lah kahnot
8 Play la sieste nap lah seeuhst
9 Play la tata auntie lah tahtah
10 Play la tatie auntie lah tahtee
11 Play la toto car lah toto
12 Play le biberon baby bottle l beebuhrong
13 Play le bobo boo boo l bobo
14 Play le caca poo poo l kahkah
15 Play le dodo beddy-bye l dodo
16 Play le doudou blankie l doodoo
17 Play le lolo milk l lolo
18 Play le nounours teddy bear l noonoors
19 Play le nouveau-né newborn child l noovo né
20 Play le panpan spanking l pahnpahn
21 Play le pappy grampa l pahpee
22 Play le pépé grampa l pépé
23 Play le pipi pee pee l peepee
24 Play le prout gas l proot
25 Play le tonton uncle l tongtong
26 Play le toutou doggy l tootoo
27 Play le zizi weenie l zeezee
28 Play miam-miam yum yum meeahm meeahm
29 Play un bobo boo boo an bobo
30 Play un minet kitty/ (term of affection) - pet an manay
31 Play un pépère grandad/ cute child an pépèr

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