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Clothing Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play des bas stockings duhs bah
2 Play des bottes boots duhs botuhs
3 Play des chaussettes socks duhs shossaytuhs
4 Play des chaussures shoes duhs shossewruhs
5 Play des sandales sandals duhs sahndahluhs
6 Play des tennis sneakers duhs tahnnees
7 Play l'habitude custom lahbeetewd
8 Play la ceinture belt lah santewr
9 Play la chemise shirt lah shahneez
10 Play la chemise de nuit nightgown lah shahneez d neweet
11 Play la combinaison slip lah kongbanesong
12 Play la couverture blanket lah koovuhrtewr
13 Play la cravate tie lah krahvaht
14 Play la griffe manufacturer's label lah greeff
15 Play la laine wool lah lenuh
16 Play la minijupe miniskirt lah maneejewp
17 Play le blouson jacket (waist length) l bloozong
18 Play le bouton button l bootong
19 Play le chapeau hat l shahpo
20 Play le col collar l kol
21 Play le costume costume l kostewm
22 Play le cuir leather l keweer
23 Play le maillot bathing suit l melot
24 Play le manteau overcoat l mahnto
25 Play le pantalon trousers l pahntahlong
26 Play le pull sweater l pewll
27 Play le pyjama pajamas l peejahmah
28 Play le short shorts l sort
29 Play le soulier shoe l sooleeay
30 Play le t-shirt t-shirt l t seert
31 Play le tailleur tailor l teluhr
32 Play le tutu ballet skirt l tewtew
34 Play les bottes boots luhs botuhs
35 Play les chaussettes socks luhs shossaytuhs
36 Play les chaussures shoes luhs shossewruhs
37 Play les gants gloves luhs gahnts
38 Play les pantalons pants luhs pahntahlongs
39 Play les sandales sandals luhs sahndahluhs
40 Play les souliers shoes luhs sooleeuhrs
41 Play les tennis sneakers luhs tahnnees
42 Play les vêtements clothing luhs vêtahnahnts
43 Play les vêtements d'homme men's clothing luhs vêtahnahnts dom
44 Play un anorak ski jacket an ahnorahk
45 Play un blouson jacket an bloozong
46 Play un boxer-short boxer shorts an bogzay sort
47 Play un costume suit an kostewm
48 Play un imperméable raincoat an anpuhrméahbl
49 Play un jean jeans an juhahn
50 Play un képi kepi (sturdy hat with a flat an képee
51 Play un maillot de bain bathing suit an melot d ben
52 Play un maillot de corps undershirt an melot d korps
53 Play un manteau coat an mahnto
54 Play un noeud papillon bow tie an nuhewd pahpeeyong
55 Play un oreiller pillow an oruheeyay
56 Play un paletot cardigan an pahlayot
57 Play un pantalon pants an pahntahlong
58 Play un pull sweater an pewll
59 Play un pyjama pajamas an peejahmah
60 Play un short shorts an sort
61 Play un smoking tuxedo an smokang
62 Play un soulier shoe an sooleeay
63 Play un tee-shirt T-shirt an tuh seert
64 Play un veston de sport sport jacket an vuhstong d sport
65 Play une cravate tie ewnuh krahvaht

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