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Dentist Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play dentaire dental dahnter
2 Play la canine canine tooth lah kahnanuh
3 Play la couronne crown lah koorohn
4 Play la gencive the gum lah gahnseev
5 Play la molaire back tooth lah moler
6 Play la trou hole lah troo
7 Play le canal dentaire root canal l kahnahl dahnter
8 Play le dentiste dentist l dahnteest
9 Play mal aux dents toothache mahl os dahnts
10 Play un abcès abscess an ahbkès
11 Play une anesthésie locale local anesthesia ewnuh ahnuhstésee lokahl
12 Play une carie cavity ewnuh kahree

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