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Descriptions Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play balèze brawny bahlèz
2 Play beau handsome bo
3 Play bée (in bouche bée) open-mouthed
4 Play belle pretty bel
5 Play blafard pale blahfahrd
6 Play blond blond blongd
7 Play bouclé curly booklé
8 Play bronzé tan brongzé
9 Play brun brown (hair bran
10 Play charnu fleshy shahrnew
11 Play châtain brown (hair) shâten
12 Play Comment est-il ? What's he like? komuh ay eel
13 Play court short koort
14 Play des fossettes dimples duhs fossaytuhs
15 Play des taches de rousseur freckles duhs tahshuhs d roossuhr
16 Play grand tall grahnd
17 Play gros fat gros
18 Play joli good-looking jolee
19 Play la moyenne average lah moeeahnnuh
20 Play la taille size lah tel
21 Play laid ugly led
22 Play le gros big/fat l gros
23 Play léger light in weight légay
24 Play lent slow luh
26 Play long long longg
27 Play noisette hazel nwahzayt
28 Play nu naked/bare new
29 Play ondulé wavy ongdewlé
30 Play petit short payeet
31 Play raide straight red
32 Play rousse red-haired rooss
33 Play roux red (hair) roos
34 Play une barbiche goatee ewnuh bahrbeesh

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