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Driving Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play circuler to go seerkewlay
2 Play conduire to drive kongdeweer
3 Play en route on the way ahn root
4 Play essence ordinaire regular gas uhssahns ordaner
5 Play faire le plein to fill it up fer l pluhan
6 Play klaxon horn klahgzong
7 Play l'auto-stop hitchhiking loto stop
8 Play l'autoroute highway lotoroot
9 Play l'avenue avenue lahvahnew
10 Play l'embouteillage traffic jam lahnbootuheeyahg
11 Play l'essence ordinaire regular gas luhssahns ordaner
12 Play la ceinture de sécurité seat-belt lah santewr d sékewreeté
13 Play la portière car door lah porteeèr
14 Play la roue wheel lah roo
15 Play la roue de secours spare wheel lah roo d suhkoors
16 Play le clignotant turn signal l kleenyotahnt
17 Play le coffre trunk l koffr
18 Play le créneau parallel parking slot l kréno
19 Play le feu de stop brake lights l fuh d stop
20 Play le feu rouge stop light l fuh roog
21 Play le frein brake l fruhan
22 Play le moteur engine l motuhr
23 Play le volant steering wheel l volahnt
24 Play les essuie-glaces windshield wipers l zuhssewee glahsuhs
25 Play les feux de route high beams luhs fuhs d root
26 Play les freins brakes luhs fruhans
27 Play les phares headlights luhs pahruhs
28 Play rouler to drive roolay
29 Play tourner to turn toornay
30 Play un accélérateur gas pedal an ahksélérahtuhr
31 Play un conducteur driver an kongdewktuhr
32 Play un créneau parallel parking space/ gap an kréno
33 Play un pare-brise windshield an pahr breez
34 Play un péage toll an péahg
35 Play une auto car ewnuh oto
36 Play une autoroute highway ewnuh otoroot
37 Play une bagnole car ewnuh bahnyol
38 Play une excursion trip ewnuh ekskewrseeong
39 Play une moto motorbike ewnuh moto
40 Play une station-service gas station ewnuh stahteeong suhrvees

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