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Emergency Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play avoir besoin de quelque chose to need something ahvwahr buhzwahn d kuhlk shoz
2 Play gnon dent nyong
3 Play l'accident accident lahkseeduh
4 Play l'ambulance ambulance lahnewlahns
5 Play l'attentat murder attempt lahtahntah
6 Play l'explosion explosion leksplozeeong
7 Play l'incendie fire lansahndee
8 Play l'inondation flood lanongdahteeong
9 Play la bagarre fight lah bahgahrr
10 Play la berezina disaster lah buhruhzanah
11 Play la destruction destruction lah duhstrewkteeong
12 Play le meurtre murder l muhrtr
13 Play le secours aid l suhkoors
14 Play les pompiers firemen luhs pongpeeuhrs
15 Play un attentat murder attempt an ahtahntah
16 Play un dégât damage an dégât
17 Play un séisme earthquake an séeesm

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