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Fruits Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play l'ananas pineapple lahnahnah
2 Play la banane banana lah bahnahnuh
3 Play la cerise cherry lah suhreez
4 Play la fraise strawberry lah fres
5 Play la framboise raspberry lah frahnwahz
6 Play la mûre blackberry lah mûr
7 Play la myrtille blueberry lah meerteey
8 Play la pomme apple lah pom
9 Play le citron lemon l seetrong
10 Play le fruit fruit l freweet
11 Play le raisin grape l resan
12 Play les fruits fruit luhs freweets
13 Play un abricot apricot an ahbreekot
14 Play un ananas pineapple an ahnahnah
16 Play un citron lemon an seetrong
17 Play un citron vert lime an seetrong vuhrt
18 Play un pamplemousse grapefruit an pahnlahnooss
19 Play un raisin grape an resan
20 Play une banane banana ewnuh bahnahnuh
22 Play une cerise cherry ewnuh suhreez
23 Play une fraise strawberry ewnuh fres
24 Play une framboise raspberry ewnuh frahnwahz
25 Play une mûre blackberry ewnuh mûr
26 Play une myrtille blueberry ewnuh meerteey
27 Play une orange orange ewnuh orahng
28 Play une pastèque watermelon ewnuh pahtèk
29 Play une poire pear ewnuh pwahr
30 Play une pomme apple ewnuh pom
31 Play une prune plum ewnuh prewnuh

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