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Health And Diseases Words in French

Health And Diseases
# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play brûlure burn brûlewr
2 Play diabétique diabetic deeahbéteek
3 Play diarrhée diarrhea deeahrré
4 Play engelures frostbite ahnguhlewruhs
5 Play l'air air ler
6 Play l'allergie allergy lahluhrgee
7 Play l'entorse sprain lahntors
8 Play l'infection infection lanfuhkteeong
9 Play l'iode the iodine leeod
10 Play l'ordonnance prescription lordohnahns
11 Play l'urgence emergency lewrgahns
12 Play la bande band lah bahnd
13 Play la clinique private hospital lah klaneek
14 Play la crise cardiaque the heart attack lah kreez kahrdeeahk
15 Play la douleur pain lah dooluhr
17 Play la fievre the fever lah feeuhvr
18 Play la grippe flu lah greep
19 Play la maladie disease lah mahlahdee
20 Play la psychose psychosis lah pseeshoz
21 Play la santé health lah sahnté
22 Play la tension arterielle blood pressure lah tahnseeong ahrtuhryel
23 Play la vapeur steam lah vahpuhr
24 Play le gaz gas l gahz
25 Play le mal de mer seasick l mahl d mer
26 Play le mal des transports travel-sick l mahl duhs trahnsports
27 Play le malade sick l mahlahd
28 Play le médicament medication l médeekahn25
29 Play le stérile sterile l stéreel
30 Play le supplément supplement l sewplémuh
31 Play le vertige vertigo l vuhrteeg
32 Play les totos head lice luhs totos
33 Play malade sick mahlahd
34 Play mission mission meesseeong
35 Play mu transformed mew
36 Play nez qui coule runny nose nay kee kool
37 Play saignant to bleed senyahnt
38 Play stressant stressful struhssahnt
39 Play un comprimé (medicine) pill an kongprané
40 Play un hôpital hospital an ôpeetahl
41 Play un médecin doctor an méduhsan
44 Play un rhume cold (illness) an rewm
45 Play une pommade ointment ewnuh pomahd

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