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Meat And Seafood Words in French

Meat And Seafood
# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
2 Play l'œuf egg lœewf
3 Play l'ours bear loors
4 Play la bœuf beef lah bœewf
5 Play la dinde turkey lah dand
6 Play la morue cod lah morew
7 Play la viande meat lah veeahnd
8 Play le bifteck steak l beeftuhkk
9 Play le coquillage shellfish l kokeeyahg
11 Play le homard lobster l ongahrd
12 Play le jambon ham l jahnong
13 Play le lard bacon l lahrd
14 Play le poisson fish l pwahssong
15 Play le porc pork l pork
16 Play le poulet chicken l poolay
17 Play le rosbif roast beef l rosbeef
18 Play le saucisson sausage l soseessong
19 Play le saumon salmon l somong
21 Play le thon tuna l tong
22 Play le veau veal l vo
23 Play les anchois anchovies l zahnshwahs
25 Play les crevevettes prawns luhs kruhvuhvaytuhs
26 Play les escargots snails l zuhsahrgots
27 Play un oeuf egg an uhewf
28 Play un poisson fish an pwahssong

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