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Objects Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play bagatelle trinket bahgahtel
2 Play l'objet object lobjay
3 Play la chose thing lah shoz
4 Play la cigarette cigarette lah seegahruht
5 Play la clou nail lah kloo
6 Play la dalle paving stone lah dahl
7 Play la pelle shovel lah pel
8 Play la pierre stone lah peeuhrr
9 Play la pince plier lah pans
10 Play la vis screw lah vees
11 Play le bouclier shield l bookleeay
12 Play le coup de feu the shot gun l koop d fuh
13 Play le fusil gun l fewzeel
14 Play le soutien support l sootyan
15 Play un bibelot trinket an beebuhlot
16 Play un bouclier shield an bookleeay
17 Play un flingue gun an flangew
18 Play un socle base an sokl
19 Play une balle bullet ewnuh bahl
20 Play une dalle paving stone ewnuh dahl

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