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Restaurants Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play à la carte side order (not part of le menu) à lah kahrt
2 Play à point medium-rare à pwahnt
3 Play allérgique à allergic to ahllérgeek à
4 Play bien cuit well done byan keweet
5 Play bon appétit! enjoy your meal bong ahpéteet
10 Play Je ne peux pas manger I can't eat juh nuh puhs pah mahngay
11 Play Je prends I'm having juh prahn
13 Play Je vais prendre I'm going to have juh ve prahndr
14 Play Je voudrais I would like juh voodre
15 Play la faim hunger lah fem
16 Play la végétarienne vegetarian lah végétahryannuh
17 Play le déjeuner lunch l déjuhan9
18 Play le gaspillage waste l gahspeeyahg
19 Play le menu fixed-price meal l mahnew
20 Play le pourboire tip l poorbwahr
21 Play le repas meal l ruhpah
22 Play le restaurant restaurant l ruhstorahnt
23 Play le service service l suhrvees
24 Play Que prenez-vous ? What are you having? k prahnay voo
25 Play Que voudriez-vous ? What would you like? k voodreeay voo
26 Play service compris tip included suhrvees kongprees
27 Play service non compris tip not included suhrvees nong kongprees
28 Play Tout va bien ? Is everything ok? toot vah byan
29 Play un chef cook an shuhf
30 Play un mets dish of food an mays
34 Play végétarien vegetarian végétahryan

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