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Shopping Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play en vente on sale ahn vahnt
2 Play J'ai besoin de I need je buhzwahn d
3 Play J'ai oublie I forgot je ooblee
4 Play j'aimerais I would like jemere
5 Play l'addition check lahddeeteeong
7 Play la blanchisserie laundromat lah blahnsheessuhree
8 Play la boucherie butcher shop lah booshuhree
9 Play la boulangerie bakery lah boolahnguhree
10 Play la charcuterie pork butcher lah shahrkewtuhree
11 Play la confiserie candy store lah kongfeezuhree
12 Play la contrepartie compensation lah kongtruhpahrtee
13 Play la droguerie drugstore lah drogewuhree
14 Play la librairie bookshop lah leebreree
15 Play la papeterie stationer's lah pahpayuhree
16 Play la pâtisserie pastry shop lah pâteessuhree
17 Play la pharmacie pharmacy lah pahrmahs
18 Play la poissonnerie fish store lah pwahssohnuhree
19 Play la poste post office lah post
20 Play la prestation charge lah pruhstahteeong
21 Play la sortie exit lah sortee
22 Play la taxe tax lah tahgz
23 Play la teinturerie dry cleaner's lah tuhantewruhree
24 Play le cadeau present l kahdo
25 Play le caissier cashier l kesseeay
26 Play le change exchange l shahng
27 Play le dédommagement compensation l dédomahgahnuh
28 Play le forfait all-in price l forfet
29 Play le magasin store l mahgahzan
30 Play le marché market l mahrshé
31 Play le pressing dry cleaner l pruhssang
32 Play le prix price l prees
33 Play le produit product l prodeweet
34 Play le supermarché supermarket l sewpuhrmahrshé
35 Play le tabac tobacco l tahbahk
36 Play les achats shopping l zahshahts
37 Play les informations new items l zanformahteeongs
38 Play les soldes sale (bargains) luhs solduhs
39 Play libre free leebr
40 Play un grand magasin department store an grahnd mahgahzan
41 Play un magasin de confection clothing store an mahgahzan d kongfuhkteeong
42 Play un rabais reduction an rahbe
43 Play une corvée compensation ewnuh korvé
44 Play une épicerie grocery store ewnuh épeesuhree
45 Play une friperie used/second-hand clothing store ewnuh freepuhree

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