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Sports Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play la chasse hunting lah shahss
2 Play la natation swimming lah nahtahteeong
3 Play la voile sailing lah vwahl
4 Play le basket basketball l bahskay
5 Play le cyclisme biking l seekleesm
6 Play le foot soccer l foot
7 Play le football soccer l footbahll
8 Play le football amĂ©ricain football l footbahll ahn©reeken
9 Play le hockey hockey l okkuhee
10 Play le karatĂ© karate l kahrahtĂ©
11 Play le plongeoir diving board l plongguhwahr
12 Play le rugby rugby l rewgbee
13 Play le ski skiing l skee
14 Play le tennis tennis l tahnnees

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