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Utensils Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play l'argenterie silverware lahrgahntuhree
2 Play l'assiete plate lahsseeay
3 Play la cuiller spoon lah keweeyay
4 Play la fourchette fork lah foorshayt
5 Play la tasse cup lah tahss
6 Play le bol bowl l bol
7 Play le couteau knife l kooto
8 Play le plat dish l plah
9 Play le pot pot l pot
10 Play le verre glass l vuhrr
11 Play un bol bowl an bol
12 Play un carton box an kahrtong
13 Play un couteau knife an kooto
14 Play un verre glass an vuhrr
15 Play un verre à vin wine glass an vuhrr à van
16 Play une assiette plate ewnuh ahsseeayt
17 Play une cuillère spoon ewnuh keweeyèr
18 Play une fourchette fork ewnuh foorshayt
19 Play une soucoupe saucer ewnuh sookoop
20 Play une tasse cup ewnuh tahss

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