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Vegetables Words in French

# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play l'autobus bus lotobews
2 Play l'avion plane lahveeong
3 Play l'haricot bean lahreekot
4 Play la bicyclette bicycle lah beeseeklayt
5 Play la camionnette van lah kahmeeohnayt
6 Play la carotte carrot lah kahrot
7 Play la collision the collision lah koleezeeong
8 Play la gare d'autobus bus station lah gahr dotobews
9 Play la gare de métro subway station lah gahr d métro
10 Play la laitue lettuce lah letew
11 Play la moto motorbike lah moto
12 Play la pomme de terre potato lah pom d tuhrr
13 Play la poupe stern (of a ship) lah poop
14 Play la station de métro subway station lah stahteeong d métro
15 Play la tomate tomato lah tongaht
16 Play le bateau boat l bahto
17 Play le bus bus l bews
18 Play le camion truck l kahmeeong
19 Play le céleri celery l kéluhree
20 Play le chariot trolley l shahreeot
21 Play le chou-fleur cauliflower l shoo fluhr
22 Play le concombre cucumber l kongkongbr
23 Play le ferry ferry l fuhrree
24 Play le grain bean l gren
25 Play le maïs corn l mahïs
26 Play le métro subway l métro
27 Play le navire ship l nahveer
28 Play le radis radish l rahdees
29 Play le sillage wake (of a boat) l seeyahg
30 Play le taxi taxi l tahgzee
31 Play le train train l tren
32 Play le transport transportation l trahnsport
33 Play le vélo bike l vélo
34 Play le wagon train car l wahgong
35 Play les asperges asparagus l zahspuhrguhs
36 Play les épinards spinach luhs épanahr
37 Play les légumes vegetables luhs légewmuhs
38 Play les petits pois peas luhs payeets pwahs
40 Play un aeroport airport an ahuhroport
41 Play un artichaut artichoke an ahrteeshot
43 Play un grain bean an gren
44 Play un guidon handlebars an geweedong
45 Play un haricot bean an ahreekot
47 Play un légume vegetable an légewm
48 Play un parking souterrain an underground car park an pahrkang sootuhrren
49 Play un routier truck driver/ truckstop an rooteeay
50 Play un wagon train car/ truckload/ stacks an wahgong
51 Play une aubergine eggplant ewnuh obuhrganuh
52 Play une bicyclette bicycle ewnuh beeseeklayt
53 Play une navette shuttle service ewnuh nahvayt
55 Play végétarienne vegetarian végétahryannuh

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