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Women's Clothing Words in French

Women's Clothing
# French Word English Meaning Phonetic Transcription
1 Play des chaussures à hauts talons high-heeled shoes duhs shossewruhs à ots tahlongs
2 Play la blouse blouse lah blooz
3 Play la jupe skirt lah jewp
4 Play la robe dress lah rob
5 Play le bas stockings l bah
6 Play le collant pantyhose l kolahnt
7 Play les vêtements de femme women's clothing luhs vêtahnahnts d fuhm
8 Play un bikini bikini an beekanee
9 Play un caleçon underwear an kahluhçong
10 Play un chemisier blouse an shahneezeeay
11 Play un collant pantyhose an kolahnt
12 Play un jupon half slip an jewpong
13 Play un slip panties an sleep
14 Play un soutien-gorge bra an sootyan gorg
15 Play un tailleur suit an teluhr
16 Play une chemise de nuit nightgown ewnuh shahneez d neweet
17 Play une combinaison slip ewnuh kongbanesong
18 Play une jupe skirt ewnuh jewp
19 Play une minijupe miniskirt ewnuh maneejewp
20 Play une robe dress ewnuh rob

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